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Flake Free Skin and Scalp Treatment is located in Delavan IL just south of Peoria in Central IL. Our executive editor’s parent corporation, (Ferdinand’s Inc) was the first full service skin and scalp treatment company in Peoria being established in 1962.

Mailing Address

Skin and Scalp Treatment
316 Locust St Box 291
Delavan IL 61734

Over the past 5 decades we have literally helped countless thousands with their specific symptoms with over a dozen retail locations. We have also developed numerous specialized products which are distributed worldwide by such companies as Paula Young, Jon Renau, Beauty Trends, The National Cancer Society and many , many more.

Among our other contributors is a third generation cosmetologist with over 20 years experience.Our master chemist who personally worked with our staff is an Oxford University graduate with over 28 years prior experience with the Helene Curtis Corporation before becoming a private label chemist for our company.

And last but by no means least is You our clients. We love hearing from you and look forward to helping you find the information and solutions to solve your specific needs. Our research department is constantly updating our site with new articles you have shown us you are interested in.

Who Recommends Our Products?

Zac Hawkins our executive editor, is also an expert author on numerous sites such as:

Zac Hawkins Beauty Expert Page

Numerous health care professionals have referred their patients to us specifically to relieve their skin and scalp treatment issues. Many patients frequently remark that their Doctor or Nurse told them to be sure to ask for our zinc and tea tree lotion for example, not to mention our chemo side effect product (the Comfy Grip) which is one of the largest selling chemo specific products in the world.

Our Guarantee

Products available directly from our site come with an unconditional money back guarantee including original shipping costs. Simply return the unused product and we will return your full purchase price no questions asked.

Of course we would be interested in knowing why you were dissatisfied, such as damaged in shipment, or any other details. But that is entirely up to you. We are confident in the products we recommend and are just as equally interested in your satisfaction.

Your Security

All our products are offered online with PayPal shopping cart checkout. PayPal is an Ebay company and is the safest and most reputable company of its kind. We chose Paypal because of it’s safety, security, and ease of use. Don’t worry if you don’t have a PayPal account, you can use it without one, or choose to register for one free of charge. There is never any charge for using PayPal to purchase online. Nearly all Ebay stores state that they prefer the use of PayPal.

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Our Privacy Statement

We are all concerned with our privacy especially in this new electronic age. We will never under any circumstances release any personal information you provide us with to any other company for any reason. In the event you would like to give us a testimonial to be included in our free news letter for example, we will only require your first name and general geographic location be included as a reference. No email addresses will ever be included in any testimonials unless specifically requested by you, and that for only rare cases if you are a health care professional who may offer special help to our readers.

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Who Are We?

  • Zac Hawkins

    Zac Hawkins - Executive Editor

    Zac is our founder and creator of all Flake Free products he formulated over 10 years ago

  • FlakeFree Skin Scalp Tea Tree Products

    Flake Free Skin & Scalp Products

    Flake Free therapeutic products are formulated with tea tree oil, zinc pyrithione, and numerous beneficial herbal ingreadients.

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