Best Natural Dandruff Treatment

Most people experience dandruff at some point in their life. Let’s briefly discuss what it is, why we get it, and then how to get rid of it for good!

Your scalp naturally sheds dead skin cells on a regular basis. Over active oil glands cause the rate you shed these cells to increase.This is why the flaking becomes so visible. We subconsciously feel this build up which causes the itching.

Treating Dandruff

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The most common treatment is using products, such as shampoos, formulated with zinc, tea tree oil, and other active ingredients. In very mild cases therapeutic shampoos can provide some relief.

However in moderate to severe cases the active ingredients simply are not in contact with the scalp long enough. We definitely want to rinse shampoo thoroughly or risk making the problem worse.

The Solution

Nearly all of our staff have suffered the same problem. Several years ago I personally worked with two of our chemists with over 50 years combined experience to solve this problem. We formulated effective dandruff treatment ingredients such as zinc pyrithione, tea tree oil, and natural herbal ingredients into our products designed to remain in contact with your scalp.

As many of us use hair gel and styling spray anyway, they were obviously the perfect choice. The results were absolutely amazing! By simply styling your hair you can have around the clock effective therapy. We have seen over and over again serious cases relieved who had little or no results from shampoos

Natural Treatment Products

Now you too can permanently solve your dandruff problem and never have to be embarrassed about it again.

Flake Free therapeutic hair products are salon quality, have a great fragrance, and are formulated with zinc, tea tree oil, and effective herbal ingredients.

Enjoy clear scalp by simply styling your hair. If you don’t prefer the hold styling products provide, simply comb or brush after it sets to soften the hold

Practical Treatment Tips

  • Rinse shampoos and conditioners out well.

  • Avoid working facial soaps and cleansers into hair line.

  • Don’t use normal styling products.

  • Eat a well balanced diet to improve general body functions.

  • Wash hair soon after swimming, especially in lakes, rivers or ocean.

  • And the #1 tip, use the recommended products for the best natural dandruff treatment

  • Who Are We?

    • Zac Hawkins

      Zac Hawkins - Executive Editor

      Zac is our founder and creator of all Flake Free products he formulated over 10 years ago

    • FlakeFree Skin Scalp Tea Tree Products

      Flake Free Tea Tree Products

      Flake Free therapeutic products are formulated with tea tree oil, zinc pyrithione, and numerous beneficial herbal ingredients.

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