Naturally Effective Dandruff Cure

The most effective dandruff cure products are formulated with zinc and tea tree oil which reduce flaking caused by over active oil glands of the scalp. Flaking promotes itching which actually increases the amount of oil gland production and consequently more flaking.

Every individual is different. In milder cases, dandruff may occur occasionally triggered by stress, weather, diet, or any number of circumstances. In more severe cases, it must be kept under constant control.

Dandruff Cure Products

With the vast variety of dandruff remedies on the market today, one might experiment endlessly before finding the right dandruff cure for their individual needs.

The problem with dandruff shampoos is the active ingredients which control dandruff simply aren't in contact with the scalp long enough to do much good.

However, when the right active ingredients are formulated into products which remain on the scalp. The problem receives continual around the clock control. The effectiveness of continual contact is more than ten fold.

We have featured products available on this site which have passed all of these tests and more. What sets them above all others is their formulation of active ingredients such as zinc pyrithione.

Combined with tea tree oil and a whole host of natural herbal ingredients the products to the left stay in continual contact providing around the clock therapy.

Whether you suffer from occasional dandruff, or experience more severe symptoms, simply use these products regularly for maximum effectiveness, or as often as needed for occasional flaking.

Dandruff Cure Instructions

For best results apply the therapeutic gel or spray immediately after shampooing hair before completely dry. Working into your scalp with fingertips and then comb, brush or style as usual. If the hold is not desired simply run a comb or brush through your hair after it sets.

It is very important to rinse shampoos and conditioners out of your hair thoroughly. Using your fingertips to massage your scalp during the rinse phase will help remove existing flakes as well as clear pores.

You will be surprised how quickly your dandruff problem will be solved using these products. Even the most severe cases will see results within a day or two.

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