Relieving Common Scalp Conditions

Some of the most common scalp conditions are of course dandruff, psoriasis, dermatitis, and eczema. Many people also suffer from scalp acne, sores, lumps or bumps on the scalp, and or just generally dry or tender scalp.

We will address all of these conditions and more. If your particular question is not answered, we even provide a question and answer form at the bottom of this page where you can have your individual problem solved.

Scalp Treatment

For most scalp conditions, therapeutic shampoos are used but for the most part they do not completely solve the problem. The reason for this is the active ingredients, (usually zinc) are not in contact long enough to be totally effective. As executive editor of flakefree.com, I personally have suffered from several skin and scalp conditions such as dandruff and scalp dermatitis.

If you suffer from lumps, bumps, scabs, or what you think might be acne or severe dandruff, it is likely you have dermatitis of the scalp. What I have been using for over 5 years now with total success is Flake Free tea tree hair gel. I use it just like a normal styling gel, but the difference is it is formulated with active ingredients which stay in continual contact with my scalp.

Much like using a zinc lotion for dermatitis and other skin conditions, Flake Free is formulated with zinc which remains in contact with your scalp. Shampoos are only in contact for a few minutes at most, so the advantage of around the clock therapy is obviously much more effective.Along with being formulated with zinc, Flake Free therapeutic hair gel has tea tree oil and numerous other beneficial herbal ingredients like nettle, horsetail, chamomile, wild cherry, and dandelion extract just to name a few.

I recommend using after shampooing, working into your hair with fingertips and styling as usual. Everyday use is recommended, but after your condition lessons, you can simply use at the earliest sign of your scalp condition returning.

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