Itchy Bumps On Scalp Treatment

If you notice scalp bumps when you are itching your scalp then you most likely have a condition known as scalp dermatitis.

Many times mistaken for severe dandruff, dermatitis is similarly treated, but the symptoms are quite different. Instead of just flaking, you may notice bumps which are yellowish in color and sometimes become red scabs.

Treating Bumps On Scalp

Dermatitis is a skin and scalp disorder which inflames the skin and can weep fluid. When the fluid dries, it becomes crusty and is what causes the bumps you feel on your scalp.

We recommend treating dermatitis on the skin with zinc and tea tree lotion. Zinc is FDA approved for dermatitis treatment.

When treating bumps on the scalp, shampoos aren't going to be totally effective since they are only in contact for a few moments.

We have formulated Flake Free therapeutic hair gel with the same FDA active ingredients in our therapeutic lotion which stay in continual contact with your scalp.

This provides around the clock therapy, and clears your scalp bumps up much faster than any therapeutic shampoo.

As far as recommending a shampoo to add to your scalp therapy, we recommend using a tea tree shampoo. Restoring proper PH levels, and reducing buildup is the main priority of any therapeutic shampoo.

Tea Tree Hair Gel

The anti-inflammatory, anti-fungal, anti-bacterial and antiseptic qualities of Flake Free tea tree hair gel with zinc pyrithione and numerous beneficial herbal ingredeints will cure your scalp bumps quickly, and keep your PH levels normal.

Tea Tree Hair Gel Details

Work into your scalp with fingertips preferably after shampooing and style as usual. If the hold Flake Free provides is not wanted, simply run a comb or brush through your hair after it sets.

Use as an everyday styling gel, or when you notice any bumps on scalp returning. Results will be evident within a day or two. Use at least a week or so after symptoms disappear for best results.

Have a specific question about your bumps on your scalp? Ask it below & we'll be glad to help you!

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